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Are you looking for a towbar or would like us to send you a quote? Enter your details above and find the right towbar for you. Then select a local authorised towbar dealer. In the last step, you can choose whether you want to receive a non-binding quotation or rather wish to schedule an appointment for towbar assembly. You always pay afterwards and get 5-year warranty on the towbar and assembly.

Brink Towbars

Brink is known as the number 1 towbar manufacturer. Many people do not know that the quality of a towbar is very important for your safety. Brink meets all quality standards and, as a result, ensures the life span, safety and trouble-free functioning and operation of your towbar.

Brink Towbars are all of the highest quality, developed using the experience gained over decades. Innovative designs that are quick to fit and can provide many years of prolonged use due to the high quality. Apart from having the largest range of towbars, Brink considers safety to be paramount. All towbars are developed in the Netherlands and tested in the Brink test centre.

The advantages of Brink Towbars

• Several alternatives for all makes of car
• Car-specific wiring kits for maximum safety
• 5 year guarantee on Brink Towbars if fitted by a Brink Montage Partner
• Complies with the highest European safety requirements
• Towbars for electric and hybrid cars
• The largest range in Europe.

Different types of towbar

Brink offers a wide range of towbars, allowing you to choose one that suits you. If you use a towbar often, then a fixed towbar would probably be the best choice. If you want to preserve the aesthetic look of your car, then you should opt for a retractable or detachable towbar. This allows the towbar to be concealed when not in use.

  • Detachable towbar
  • Fixed towbar
  • Retractable towbar
  • Hybrid towbar
Detachable towbar

towbar detachable

A large number of towbars sold nowadays are of the detachable type. The beam assembly is similar to that of a conventional towbar, however, the towball on the front of the crossbeam is replaced with a fitting for attaching the detachable towbar. This allows a detachable towbar to be easily attached. A detachable towbar is only attached when required.

All about the Brink removable towbar

Fixed towbar

fixed towbar

A fixed towbar is a type of towbar that is permanently fixed to your car. This type of towbar is offered for most cars. This type of towbar is a good choice if you plan on using the towbar frequently.

All about the Brink removable towbar

Retractable towbar

retractable towbar

The retractable towbar is pure luxury. With one movement you can use, but also store the towbar. This towbar is as safe and strong as a fixed towbar. The retractable towbar is not available for each type of car. Please enter your vehicle registration plate above to see which towbars are available for your car.

All about Brink's retractable towbar

Hybrid towbar

Integrated carrying solutions for hybrid cars

An increasing number of people are opting for small and environmentally friendly cars. These cars are economical and more environmentally friendly than other cars. The disadvantage of these cars is that they are hardly capable of towing. A fact that the majority of people who purchase such a car are fully aware of. But what if you are keen cyclist and regularly like to take your bicycles with you on a bicycle carrier? You are actually carrying very little weight, but you do not have a towbar on which to mount a bicycle carrier.

All about the RMC towbar for hybrid of electric cars

Car specific wiring kit

A safe journey is not only reliant on the towbar under your car, but also on the wiring kit that provides the object being towed with power and lighting. Brink provides a car specific wiring kit with all towbars. This allows an efficient communication between the car and the object being towed, preventing malfunctions and ensuring that the correct data is sent to the on-board computer in the car.

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Please contact us or check out our FAQ section. We will be more than happy to inform you by phone as well. You can reach us on working days between 08:00 am and 05:00 pm.

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