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Brink Towbars

Brink develops different variants of each towbar type that are unique to each car, which ensures they meet the requirements of the end user. The range consists of fixed, detachable, retractable and flange-type towbars. Fixed and detachable towbars are best used for passenger cars. Brink towbars can be used for hobby and professional purposes. Brink has even developed towbars that can be fitted to a hybrid or electric car. Find the right towbar in three easy steps

Different towbars for your car

Whenever a new car comes onto the market, Brink begins developing a suitable towbar. Depending upon the shape of the bumper and the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer, the choice will be made between a fixed, detachable or retractable variant. Often the choice is between a fixed or a detachable towbar. The quality remains the same, but there is a difference in the application of the towbar. In most cases, a fixed towbar is the best solution if it going to be used regularly. A detachable or retractable variant is out of sight when not in use.

Difference between Brink towbars


Fixed towbars
Fixed towbars - do you plan to use the towbar regularly? Brink's fixed towbars are always ready for use and last years under the toughest conditions.

Detachable towbars
Detachable towbars - a detachable towbar cannot be seen when it is not being used; when it is required, it can be fitted quickly and safely with one hand. The difference between this and a fixed towbar is that this does not interfere with the design of the car. For hybrid and green vehicles, Brink supplies detachable towbars for a bicycle carrier.

There is a difference between detachable towbars for cars without a towing capacity. These are cars that, according to the specifications of the manufacturer, may not pull a load behind them, but may carry an object such as a bike carrier. Brink has specially developed a towbar for these green vehicles to make it easy to transport bicycles.

Retractable towbars
Retractable towbars - the towbar is swung out of sight under the bumper and can be prepared for use in a couple of seconds. Maximum ease of use while maintaining the looks of your car.

Retractable towbars