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Do you like cycling, but is your car not allowed to tow trailer weight? The RMC Brink bike carrier solution might be the answer to your problem. This system is not able to tow, but it does allow you to carry. Almost all bike carriers can be mounted on this carrying solution.

Bike carrier solution
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  • Diagonal detachable
  • Sleeve is easy to reach
  • Nose weight easy to position
  • Available in seconds
Ease of use
  • Maintenance-free
  • Storage bag for the ball
  • Visible instructions for operation
  • Ergonomic dial for detachment
  • Anti-theft lock
  • Maximum vertical load
  • Audible and visible locking
  • Safety strip, exclusively for bike carriers

Ease of use

The bike carrier solution is very easy to use. When locking the diagonal detachable carrying solution in place, you stick the ball in the sleeve in a horizontal line. Next, gently push the ball down until it locks itself in place. You only need tow actions to unlock the ball again. First, use your hand to push the dial towards the ball, then use your thumb to smoothly turn it downwards to unlock the ball. You can then take it off.

User-friendliness is increased by the turn direction of the dial. The dial turns downward, meaning your hand turns away from the bumper of the car when operating it. This ensures there is more room for your hand between the bumper and the dial, in order to effortlessly unlock the system.

Easily accessible
Easily accessible
Put the bullet in the case
Put the bullet in the case
 The bike carrier solution is ready for use!
The bike carrier solution is ready for use!

Innovation bike carrier solution

Now you, as a bike lover and owner of an electric or hybrid car, can still do what you love. Due to a lack of power, overload of the battery pack or exceeding the CO2 emission standards, most environment-friendly are unable to tow a horizontal load, but a vertical load is a whole different story. Given that, we developed a version of the detachable towbar that is intended for carrying, the bike carrier solution.

Ergonomic operation

The dial on the ball of the diagonal and vertical detachable bike carrier solution both have an ergonomic design. The dial, called SmartTurnTM, is comfortable to use as your fingers, hand, wrist and arm are in a natural position when taking hold of the dial. Because of this, you can ensure an optimal power transmission with a minimal exertion of force when unlocking the bike carrier solution. Unlocking the ball of the detachable bike carrier solution is a quick and easy affair. This dial has arrows that show the two consecutive actions needed for unlocking the system.

Safely on the road with the RMC bike carrier solution


The bike carrier solution offers optimal security. In order to ensure that you really only use it for carrying a bike carrier, we attached a safety mechanism on the ball of the bike carrier solution. The horizontal pin anchored through the ball probibits the use of a trailer or a caravan. This pin ensures that no towed object can be connected to the ball of the bike carrier solution. The ball is sitting stably in the sleeve, ensuring it can never come loose after locking.

The dial has been designed in such a way that the rotation direction is opposite to the driving direction of the car. Even in unusual situations, it is still impossible for the ball of the bike carrier solution to slip loose while driving.

Audible locking

Unlocking the ball of the detachable bike carrier solution is a quick and easy affair. As you lock the ball you can hear a clear click, thanks to ErgoclickTM. This confirms that the ball has been properly locked in place.

Visible locking

It is very easy to see if the ball of the detachable bike carrier solution is locked. The dial has a built-in colour indication consisting of colour codes. Green means a successful lock. Red indicates a new attempt is required.

Please note the total weight!
Please note the total weight!

Please note the total weight All Brink bike carrier solutions have been developed in such a way that they can handle the maximum vertical axle load, called nose weight, of your car. When transporting your bikes, especially e-bikes, please keep the maximum nose weight of your selected bike carrier solution in mind. The total weight of the bikes and carrier together may not exceed the maximum nose weight. The maximum nose weight is usually listed on the plate next to the socket of your bike carrier solution. A nose weight that exceeds the maximum limit due to excess weight results in undue taxation of the car’s suspension and towbar mount. In addition, it negatively influences driving capabilities and power steering.

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Specifically developed and tested for your car.

Brink has been synonymous with towbar expertise for over a hundred years. Thanks to our core values of innovation, ease of use and safety, we have grown to become a global market leader in designing, testing and manufacturing towbars in addition to a wide range of vehicle specific wiring kits.

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Brink: your perfect fit
Brink_fitter_5_overview_Mechanics’ choice
Mechanics’ choice

With our vehicle-specific towbars and wiring kits, we ensure technicians have access to a wide range of premium quality products. In addition, they are available for next day delivery and easy to install. We are also pleased to offer support, through training courses, clear fitting instructions and technical assistance during installations by our after sales team.

Connecting pride with perfectionism
Developed in Holland

We are proud of the fact that we design, test and manufacture all our towbars in our own facilities. We do not have any production locations in so-called low-wage countries to save costs, to the detriment of employment opportunities in our own country. We trust the quality and flexibility of our own employees.

Car manufacturers’ choice

Brink is the first choice of many car manufacturers. Our collaboration is very extensive. We contribute to their innovation, design and construction process and guarantee they receive reliable and high-quality products that can easily be integrated into their cars. Brink is in liaison with many vehicle manufacturers during the design phase of a new car.

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