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Flange ball towbar

Do you have a delivery van, pickup or chassis cab? Then the Brink flanged ball is exceptionally suited to you. This fixed towbar is made for heavy-duty work and is therefore often used in professional trade. It can easily pull trailers with a weight of over three tonnes. There are three types of flanged balls: a two-hole, four-hole and lowered four-hole version.


The two-hole flanged ball can be adjusted in height if the flanged plate it is mounted to consists of four, instead of two coupling points. The two-hole flanged ball can be mounted to both the top and bottom coupling points of the flanged plate. It can be useful to adjust it in height, especially if you have a delivery van. The two-hole flanged ball can be set up in such a way that the back doors can always swing open above the drawbar of the trailer. With a flanged plate consisting of four coupling points, you can also use other coupling systems, such as the drawbar coupling, claw coupling and the ball-pen combination. The coupling systems mentioned exactly fit this flanged plate.


With a four-hole flanged ball, you can be sure you can use other coupling systems on the flanged plate. The four-hole flanged ball can only be mounted on a flanged plate with four coupling points. The four-hole flanged plate is perfect for you if you do not need to be able to adjust the towbar in height.

Lowered four-hole

The lowered four-hole flanged ball is perfect for you if your delivery van, pickup or chassis-cab stands high on their wheels. Due to this, the heart of the ball continues to meet the legal requirements. Measured from the ground, it should remain between 36 to 42 centimetres high even when fully loaded.


  • Adjustable in height
  • Permanently available
  • Heavy-duty towbar
  • Exchangeable with other coupling systems
Flange ball towbar
Available in three different versions
Four-hole, lowered

Specifically developed and tested for your car.

Brink has been synonymous with towbar expertise for over a hundred years. Thanks to our core values of innovation, ease of use and safety, we have grown to become a global market leader in designing, testing and manufacturing towbars in addition to a wide range of vehicle specific wiring kits.

Brink Towbar Fitter overview

Mechanics’ choice

With our vehicle-specific towbars and wiring kits, we ensure technicians have access to a wide range of premium quality products. In addition, they are available for next day delivery and easy to install. We are also pleased to offer support, through training courses, clear fitting instructions and technical assistance during installations by our after sales team.

Connecting pride with perfectionism

Developed in Holland

We are proud of the fact that we design, test and manufacture all our towbars in our own facilities. We do not have any production locations in so-called low-wage countries to save costs, to the detriment of employment opportunities in our own country. We trust the quality and flexibility of our own employees.

Werken bij Brink trekhaken

Car manufacturers’ choice

Brink is the first choice of many car manufacturers. Our collaboration is very extensive. We contribute to their innovation, design and construction process and guarantee they receive reliable and high-quality products that can easily be integrated into their cars. Brink is in liaison with many vehicle manufacturers during the design phase of a new car.

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