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Trailer Stability Programme

Nowadays, car manufacturers also lend a hand to ensure the stability of a trailer combination. As of 2014, every new vehicle is required to have the Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) this is an enhancement of the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control System (TCS). This system detects the difference between driver inputs and actual vehicle responses. The vehicle will respond when differences are detected and brake individual wheels to correct the path of the vehicle, the driver would be notified by the the ESP light flashing on the dashboard.

Almost every ESP systems ensure that the movements of the car are checked and corrected even more closely as soon as the trailer has been connected to the vehicle. As soon as the dangerous swinging of a trailer begins, the system responds within several milliseconds and immediately stabilises the car and trailer. ESP communicates with the CAN Bus of the vehicle and only functions with a vehicle-specific wiring kit.

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<p>Brink has <strong>more than 150 professional fitting stations</strong>!</p>


Once you have found the right Brink towbar for your car, you are ready to purchase it. Here you can read more about which steps you have to take, what the costs involved are and why you should always get a wiring kit with your towbar.


Wiring kit

If you are purchasing a towbar, you always need to buy a matching wiring kit as well. This ensures that your bike carrier, trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox is powered and has lighting. You can read more about the various wiring kits here.

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