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Your trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox should meet several lighting requirements. The manufacturer supplies the towed object in such a way that these requirements are met. As owner, from the moment of purchase, you are responsible for keeping everything in working order. Therefore, you should always check whether the blinkers, reverse lights, mist tail lights and brake lights of your trailer are working before driving off.

Over 750 kg

If your trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox has a maximum allowed mass of over 750 kg, the towed object should have the same lights as your towing car, meaning two red tail lights, two orange blinkers, two brake lights and reverse lights. In addition, it is mandatory to have a mist tail light for trailers which have been punt into service in the Netherlands after 31 December 1997.

Under 750 kg

As of July 2006, trailers, caravans, boat trailers or horseboxes with a total allowed weight under 750 kg should have one or to mist tail lights as well. If the towing car has no mist tail lights, the trailer does not need to have them either.

Adjusting headlights

Visibility is important, but being seen at least equally so. You have to make sure that fellow road users are not troubled by the beam of your headlights. Due to the weight of the trailer, almost every car comes up a bit at the front, so that the headlights can blind fellow road users. Therefore, you should adjust the headlights. For some cars, this is an automatic process. If that is not the case, you will have to manually adjust your headlights.

Loading a Caravan

Loaded caravan

If you are going on holiday, manage your luggage as carefully as possible. All of the additional weight you load in your caravan should be distributed in a balanced manner in order to prevent dangerous situations.

Checking before leaving

Is your tyre pressure correct? Is the coupling on your trailer and your towbar not showing wear and tear? Is the breakaway cable still sound? Are your exterior mirrors properly adjusted? And do all the lights work? It is necessary to perform these checks before you drive off.

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