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Optimal ease of use with the MX retractable towbar

The MX retractable towbar is the most user-friendly towbar for the aftermarket. This towbar has been specially developed for people who consider the design of the car important and who opt for optimum ease of use. Brink develops the MX system for cars in the higher segment: the retractable towbar. Because the design of the car remains intact, this towbar is also called ‘the elegant’.

Installation of an MX retractable towbar

With a Brink towbar you can count on quick and easy installation. We always produce our towbars vehicle-specifically, based on mounting points and loading data from the official car manufacturers. Naturally, our towbars have the right dimensions to fit on the car without any problems. The fact that we use homologated mounting points and vehicle data means that Brink towbars are always safe to use in combination with the vehicle.

The MX retractable towbar system is more complex than, for example, a fixed towbar. But mounting a retractable towbar is easier. The towbar system and the matching connector plate are already mounted on the crossbar. The crossbar can be placed directly on the side construction. This saves installation time.

What are the features of a retractable towbar? A retractable Brink towbar always meets these 4 points: invisibility, ease of use, high-quality material and safety.

1) Retractable towbar is invisible

When developing a retractable towbar, it is taken into account that the design of the car is not affected. When the towbar is turned away behind the bumper, it is not visible, so it looks like there is no towbar on the car. The MX retractable towbar is therefore the elegant solution for stylish cars.

2) Ultimate ease of use with the retractable towbar

The retractable towbar is the most user-friendly towbar. With a lever under the car, the towbar is easy to unlock and to position with one movement and click. With the ergonomic rotary knob, the towbar is easily unlocked and brought back behind the bumper, so that the towbar is no longer visible. The advantage of a retractable towbar is that you do not have to store it in the trunk and therefore cannot lose it.


3) Retractable towbar is made of high quality material

A retractable towbar system requires an innovative and reliable construction. Precise parts with high-quality coatings are used at crucial points to turn away the towbar. These parts make the towbar more expensive than a fixed towbar. Brink already has a very wide range of retractable towbars. However, the system is not available for all cars. Because the towbar turns away behind the bumper, not all vehicles in that position have enough space for a retractable towbar. Due to the higher purchase price, a retractable towbar is mainly developed for cars in higher segments:

  • D segment: mid-range (Audi A4, Peugeot 508, Opel Insignia
  • E-segment: upper middle class (Volvo S90, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class)
  • J-segment: medium MPVs (Renault Scénic, Volkswagen Touran, Opel Zafira Tourer)
  • K segment: upper MPVs (Renault Espace, Ford S-Max)
  • L segment: lower SUVs (Hyundai Tucson, Volvo XC60)

4) Safety to the highest standard

A towbar has to withstand a lot, which is why it is essential that the retractable towbar is extensively tested. Naturally, every MX towbar complies with international standards and guidelines (DIN-ISO, ECE R55, TÜV-GS, CityCrash) and those of the car manufacturers. To provide extra security, we have also made these requirements more stringent to our own standards.

Under the supervision of TÜV, new retractable towbars are subjected to the R55 test on the test benches at Brink in Staphorst. The R55 test is the European standardized test, simulating a dynamic situation in which the towbar is loaded at an angle of 15 degrees during 2 million cycles. When the towbar has passed this test, the towbar will be homologated.

Tip for the mechanic

Finally, Brink’s technical support department has a tip. We regularly hear that the compensation pin (located behind the rotary knob) is treated with oil. We strongly advise against doing this. The pin attaches itself to friction and by using oil the friction is nullified.

Are you curious about which car types a retractable MX towbar is available for? Then view the list of vehicles with an MX system.

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