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New: Brink image archive

The pictures, videos and documents about Brink Towbars are now available 24/7 in the Brink image archive. With this, you have an opportunity to use the files to promote the Brink brand in your communication. The image archive contains product and lifestyle pictures, videos, logos, leaflets and catalogues. You can view the files and download them at low resolution. In order to consistently convey the Brink brand, we have developed a house style manual for wholesalers, retailers and installation companies. This manual has also been made available for download in the image archive. Do you require high-resolution files for printed material? You can request them by e-mailing

Improvements of through updates

Over the summer an update of the data structure of this website was installed. We have received a lot of suggestions for improvements from the market in response to this update. These improvements have now been implemented in a new update, making it easier to find the right products. The changes are visible when you are logged in to

Wat is er gewijzigd?

  • The vehicle selection process has been simplified, it is easier to find make and model
  • Filtering for manufacturing year is optional
  • You can enter search words at every step
  • The speed has improved significantly
  • Stock information is available whenever a quotation is drawn up
  • When a quotation is put together, the available wiring sets are immediately visible as well

Log in at to use the new and improved website.

More improvements in the future

With the suggestions we received from the market we are working on additional optimisation. Brink works in accordance with the motto, “Your perfect fit”. The simplification of vehicle selection and improvement of speed contribute to this mission.

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Find the right towbar for your car

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