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Detachable towbars

There are two types of detachable towbars: diagonally and vertically detachable towbars. A detachable towbar is available within seconds, but after removal you no longer have a permanently visible towbar on your car. A detachable towbar is a solution that is both beautiful and solid.


  • Diagonally or vertically detachable
  • Available within seconds
  • Maintains the design of the car

Ease of use 

  • Sleeve is easy to reach
  • Visible instructions for operation
  • Ergonomic rotary knob for locking and unlocking


  • Anti-theft lock
  • Same strength as a fixed towbar
  • Audible and visible lock
  • Maximum towing weight and axle load

Diagonally detachable towbars

The diagonally detachable towbar excels in user-friendliness. In no other detachable system, it is as easy and effortless to unlock and lock the towball.

When attaching the tow ball, you simply put the ball in the housing with a diagonal movement. By pushing the ball slightly downwards, the towbar automatically locks itself. Two simple actions are enough to unlock the ball again. By pushing the rotary knob in the direction of the ball and turning it with your thumb in a flowing movement in an upwards position you can unlock the ball.

The sleeve of the towbar remains largely invisible after the ball is removed, so the design of the vehicle is maintained.

Vertically detachable towbars

The vertically detachable towbar is completely invisible after use. This is possible because the housing in which the tow ball is locked, is hidden behind the bumper. It is the perfect solution if the design of the car needs to be maintained.

Most vertically detachable towbars also have a swing out socket plate that can be folded away behind the bumper.

Easy to use

The vertically detachable towbar is very easy to use. To attach the tow ball, simply insert it into the housing with a vertical movement. Then, by pushing the ball slightly downwards, the tow ball automatically locks in position. To remove, push the rotary knob in the direction of the ball and turn it with your thumb to unlock. After that you can remove the ball and store it in your boot. Finally, the electrical socket can be stored behind the bumper with one simple rotating movement.

100% safety

The vertically detachable towbar offers one hundred percent safety. The tow ball is located firmly into its housing and is designed in such a way that engagement increases the higher the vertical load.

Detachable towbars

Specifically developed and tested for your car.

Brink has been synonymous with towbar expertise for over a hundred years. Thanks to our core values of innovation, ease of use and safety, we have grown to become a global market leader in designing, testing and manufacturing towbars in addition to a wide range of vehicle specific wiring kits.

Developed internationally

We are proud of the fact that we design, test and manufacture all our towbars in our own state-of-the-art production facilities in The Netherlands, France, South Africa and Thailand. All our towbars are developed for local conditions, and engineered by our global engineering teams. We are driven to deliver our standard of high quality in everthing that we do, proved by official certificates like IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Car manufacturers' choice

Brink is the first choice of many car manufacturers. Our collaboration is very extensive. We contribute to their innovation, design and construction process and guarantee they receive reliable and high-quality products that can easily be integrated into their cars. Brink is in liaison with many vehicle manufacturers during the design phase of a new car.

Difference between AM and OE

OE stands for original equipment. In OE projects, we cooperate intensively with the car manufacturer. The development process for an OE towbar starts at the source, during the design phase of a new car. Aftermarket parts can be produced by manufacturers that were not involved with original sales, therefore aftermarket parts also have a much wider range of qualities. With Brink, you are always certain of premium quality and a perfect fit. Our development process for Brink branded aftermarket towbars start with a 3D scan of the car, as our towbars are always developed specifically for each vehicle. Brink is the perfect partner for you, whether it is an OE or AM project.

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