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The latest type of towbar is the retractable towbar. These offer the same advantages as the detachable towbar. Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to store the detached towball in the boot, because it retracts under the bumper! The Brink MX retractable towbar can be fitted just as quickly as a fixed towbar! So the fitting price remains the same.

Innovation is progress.
With this in mind, Brink Towbars introduced their latest innovation: the retractable towbar. This towbar system allows the users to conceal the towball behind the bumper, knowing that it is always readily available when required.

When the towball is retracted, there is no evidence of a towbar on the car. However, it is always at hand when needed. This towbar can be ready for use in seconds. The retractable towbar is therefore easy to deploy, compact and distinguished by its fine design and superior quality. The power sockets can also be retracted, thus removing the entire towbar system from view.

“The latest generation of towbars: Hidden from view”

An added advantage: the fitting time for this Brink towbar is identical to that of a towbar with a detachable or a fixed towball. Brink Towbars is the European market leader in the sale and the development of towbars, a position further underlined with the invention of the retractable towbar. This innovation is already available for a variety of vehicles, with the range to be extended in the future.

History of the "invisible" towbar

In the early years following its invention, the towbar was an extremely simple solution. The towbar was often purchased for use by professionals, such as farmers or construction workers. In later years, the towbar was purchased for recreational use. The first concealed version of the towbar was a detachable towball that could be removed from the socket by rotating through 180°. This version was further developed into the current BMU, BMA and BMC models.

The retractable towbar is a relatively new technology that was further developed to improve its user-friendliness. This towbar was launched commercially in 2005. Brink spent the equivalent of 50 man years on the successful development of this towbar. Nowadays, the retractable towbar is manufactured for several different types of car.

Retractable towbar

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