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Stable driving

beladen caravan

It is the worst nightmare of many drivers: the trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox starts to sway more and more wildly while driving, until they almost lose control of the car. If the object you are towing has been properly loaded and has been equipped with good tyres and suspension, you can expect very few problems during driving. However, a stabiliser on the coupling of your trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox can increase the safety of your drive even more. The combination is even more stable, as the stabiliser cushions vibrations.

How the stabiliser works

A coupling of a trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox with stabiliser installed has a special top. It contains brake lining made of rigid material that is clamped around the ball of the towbar. This brake lining increases the friction quite a lot, which significantly limits the possible swinging motion of the coupling. Not just swaying from left to right, but also swinging up and down.

Suited or unsuited

Generally, a stabiliser costs several hundred pounds. A stabiliser can be installed on almost all new trailers, caravans, boat trailers or horseboxes. This feature even comes installed by default on many models. If you are considering purchasing a stabiliser, you have to make sure whether it is suitable for the towbar on your car. With towbars from other brands, there is not enough distance between the ball and the bumper. If you have a Brink towbar, the distance is sufficient, as we take it into account during the design process. Our towbars have gone through extensive testing. However, it is important to realise that the ball of the towbar should not be greased, as it will inhibit the function of the stabiliser.

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<p>Brink has <strong>more than 150 professional fitting stations</strong>!</p>
Loading a Caravan

Loaded caravan

If you are going on holiday, manage your luggage as carefully as possible. All of the additional weight you load in your caravan should be distributed in a balanced manner in order to prevent dangerous situations.

Checking before leaving

Is your tyre pressure correct? Is the coupling on your trailer and your towbar not showing wear and tear? Is the breakaway cable still sound? Are your exterior mirrors properly adjusted? And do all the lights work? It is necessary to perform these checks before you drive off.

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