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How does it work?

Hoe werkt het Brink.euWith our towbar search engine, you can take several simple and clear steps to find the right towbar and wiring kit for your car. During the final step, you can select the fitting station of your choice. In this step, you can decide to either immediately schedule an appointment, or to first request a quotation, which will be sent to you through e-mail. In both cases, the fitting station will contact you to discuss the details. Using our services ensures that you will not come across any surprises. Of course, you will not want to pay for a service that you are yet to use, which is why you always pay after the installation has been completed to your satisfaction.

  • Enter your license plate

    We can find your car using the license plate number. Don’t have the license plate handy? You can also search by car brand, model and manufacturing year. In step 2, you will see that your car has been selected and the available products are shown.

  • Select the preferred towbar and wiring kit

    You can choose from various towbars and wiring kits. Click the links for more information on the various types of towbars and wiring kits. The prices shown are including VAT and installation.

  • Select an fitting station

    You can select a fitting station during the last step. Here you can schedule an appointment or request a quotation to be sent to your e-mail. Payment takes place after the towbar has been installed at the garage.

  • Pay after mounting

    You don’t want to pay for a service that is not completed yet. Thats why you always pay after installation when you are satisfied.

Brink has more than 150 professional fitting stations! View all assembly stations
<p>Brink has <strong>more than 150 professional fitting stations</strong>!</p>
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There are two ways to purchase the towbar and wiring kit of your choice. You can consult your local garage, but a faster way is to purchase your towbar and wiring kit through this website.

Find the right towbar for your car

Easy and hassle-free search by license plate

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Find the right towbar for your car

Easy and hassle-free search by license plate

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