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Optimaal gebruiksgemak met de MX wegdraaibare trekhaak

The MX retractable towbar is the most user-friendly towbar for the aftermarket. This towbar has been specially developed for people who consider the design of the car important and who opt for optimum ease of use. Brink develops the MX system for cars in the higher segment: the retractable towbar. Because the design of the car remains intact, this towbar is also called ‘the elegant’.

Trailer versus bicycle carrier. Which of the two causes the heaviest load?

What has a greater impact on a towbar, a trailer or a bicycle carrier? Chances are you think the answer is the trailer. After all, a trailer is much heavier than a bicycle carrier. Yet the correct answer is the bicycle carrier. The pressure that a bicycle carrier exerts on the towbar is much greater than the forces of a loaded trailer on the towbar. And that demands a lot from both the towbar and the car.

We develop special towbar solutions for electric and hybrid cars that can carry bicycle carriers but cannot tow trailers. With this solution you can safely take a bicycle carrier with bicycles on the back of the car. Because the name ‘towbar’ is not sufficient, we have given this carrying solution the name ‘bike carrier solution’. Also known as RMC (Rear Mount Connector).

New bike carrier solution design

Do you have an electric or hybrid car that is not allowed to tow and would you like to use a bike carrier? Then Brink offers you the solution; the bike carrier solution. Brink continuously develops new models, and the design of the bike carrier solution has been renewed. The advantage of this is that more types of bike carriers fit on the new system.
In this blog you can learn why the bike carrier solution, the RMC, has been developed and you’ll find out which bike carriers fit this system.

Which bike carriers fit on the Brink RMC bike carrier solution

Brink specially developed the RMC bike carrier solution for hybrid and electric cars. This is a bike carrier solution that cannot be used to pull a trailer or a caravan, but can be used for a bicycle rack. This allows you to always have your bicycles with you. Some models will not fit on the RMC bike carrier solution.

How does it work?

You will always be able to find a fitting station near you. You can select the closest Brink fitting partner by going through the steps for purchase and installation of your towbar and wiring kit in the towbar search engine.

paardentrailer met paard en trekhaak

Detachable towbars

If you regularly use your towbar and think the design of your car is very important, a detachable towbar is the perfect solution. There are three types of detachable towbars: horizontal, diagonal and vertical detachable towbars. We are happy to list the various similarities and differences between the different detachable systems.


Towbar cargo box is an absolute must

The latest trend for transporting additional luggage with your car is a towbar cargo box. The box is available in volumes of 220 to 420 litres. A perfect way to simply quickly and easily increase the luggage space of your car.


Brink has expanded and renewed their range of bike carrier solutions You can now choose between a fixed and two types of detachable bike carrier solutions. We are glad to help you select the right bike carrier solution for your electric or hybrid car.

E-Bike on bike carrier

Would you like to bring your electric bike with you on holiday? Or take a tour with your E-bike outside of your usual route? It’s all possible with a bike carrier on your towbar! However, when transporting your E-bike, things such as maximum nose weight and the necessary laws and regulations come into play. We will be pleased to help you on your way.

New: Brink image archive

It is the holiday season, and quite a few of the Dutch take a trip with their bikes. It is important to check the carrying capacity of the car, towbar and bike carrier, in order to ensure safe travels with bike and bike carrier.

Electric bikes have been all the rage in the past few years. An electric bike can easily weigh 10 kilos more than a normal bike. Read article

Mounting a towbar

Installing a towbar yourself

Installing a towbar is a specialist job. For that reason, Brink closely works together with fitting partners. We, therefore, recommend that you always use a Brink fitting station. It is only possible for you to independently install a towbar if you have the required extensive technical know-how.

Installing a wiringkit yourself

The work performed during installation of a wiring kit is very detailed and requires a lot of expertise. We, therefore, recommend to always have this task performed by a Brink fitting station. It is only possible for you to independently install a wiring kit if you have the required extensive technical know-how.

Anhängerkupplung montieren

Die Montage einer Anhängerkupplung und eines Kabelsatzes ist eine Aufgabe, bei der Spezialkenntnisse gefragt sind. Darum arbeitet Brink intensiv mit Montage-Partnern zusammen. Wir empfehlen immer, die nächste Brink Montagestation einzuschalten.

Thule towbar

In 2006, Brink was acquired by Thule, a large Swedish concern that specialises in making and marketing quality sports utilities. With this takeover, the name of the towbar changed from Brink to Thule.

Made in Holland

Brink has been synonymous with towbar expertise for over a hundred years. Thanks to our core values of innovation, ease of use and safety, we have grown to become a global market leader in designing, producing, testing and selling flanged balls, fixed, detachable and retractable towbars with matching vehicle specific wiring kits.


Which lights should your bike carrier, trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox be equipped with? The answer to this question depends on various factors, such as the weight of the towed object and the lighting functions available in your car.

Tow weight

The car manufacturer determines how much weight your car can tow based on test data. You can find this load on your VIN plate. In order to guarantee safety, you should always keep within the limit of this so-called horizontal load with your loaded trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horse box.

Trailer driving license

Which category driving license do you need in order to be allowed to tow a trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox? This is determined by the weight you want to tow with your car, which influences whether you need a B, B+, or BE driving license.

Laws and regulations

Using a towbar is subject to several required laws and regulations. These dictate that your towbar construction should pass the MOT test, should have a type test and may not obstruct the view of your license plate. However, there are many things to take into account.

Trailer Stability Programme

Brink capitalises on the Electronic Stabilisation Programma (ESP), with which most modern cars have been equipped. With our wiring kits, ESP can be expanded with the Trailer Stabilisation Programme (TSP), a safety measure that immediately corrects ‘snaking’ of your trailer.

Overrun brake

An overrun brake is a safety mechanism installed on the drawbar of your trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox. It ensures that the object behind your car does not push you forward if you brake or slow down.

Handbrake breakaway cable

The handbrake breakaway cable is a security measure that should always be present on the vehicle you want to tow with your car. However, even with all security measures in place, there is always a small chance of this dangerous situation occuring. This is when the handbrake breakaway cable proves its worth.


Perhaps you do not have much experience with driving with a trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox or are scared to do so. In this case, taking the course is highly recommended. You can learn the most important driving techniques in only a short amount of time.

Made in France


Safely arriving at your destination is first and foremost the responsibility of the supplier of your vehicle manufacturer, bike carrier, trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox and of us, as manufacturer of your towbar and wiring kit. However, your personal responsibility lies in adjusting your driving behaviour.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our experience, many of our clients are considering the same questions, which is why we have listed the most frequently asked questions below, divided into categories. Is your question not listed? You can submit your question using the response form under Contact and Service.

Energy-efficient driving

If you are towing with your car, fuel consumption will rise. Naturally, you will want to limit the additional consumption. You can do so by constantly choosing the right gear and keeping your speed even. We are happy to explain a few tips.

Stable driving

Purchasing a stabiliser is a great product for increasing the stability of your car and trailer. It can be installed on the drawbar of your trailer and limits swinging motions.

Nose weight

Nose weight is the vertical load imposed by the trailer onto the towball. The maximum load is specified by the vehicle manufacture for safety reasons. We are happy to explain what these are and how to meet them.

Checking before leaving

Is your tyre pressure correct? Is the coupling on your trailer and your towbar not showing wear and tear? Is the breakaway cable still sound? Are your exterior mirrors properly adjusted? And do all the lights work? It is necessary to perform these checks before you drive off.

Loading a Caravan

Loaded caravan

If you are going on holiday, manage your luggage as carefully as possible. All of the additional weight you load in your caravan should be distributed in a balanced manner in order to prevent dangerous situations.

On the road

The Brink towbars comply with all European safety regulations. However, as soon as you attach a trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox to your car, there are other things to consider to guarantee your safety on the road.

Made in France


Purchasing a towbar and wiring kit can set you back hundreds of pounds. You may wonder why you have to pay so much? The costs mostly cover the technical development, testing and production of the towbar.

Le choix des installateurs


There are several ways to purchase the towbar and wiring kit of your choice. Consult your local garage and ask for a Brink towbar.

Wiring kit

If you are purchasing a towbar, you always need to buy a matching wiring kit as well. This ensures that your bike carrier, trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox is powered and has lighting. You can read more about the various wiring kits here.


Once you have a towbar installed, you gain freedom to pursue leisure activities. For example, it’s really easy to take a trip with your bikes, caravan, boat or horse. In order to increase ease of use and safety while en route to your destination, it may be practical to purchase several accessories.


Once you have found the right Brink towbar for your car, you are ready to purchase it. Here you can read more about which steps you have to take, what the costs involved are and why you should always get a wiring kit with your towbar.

RMC inclusief strip uitgelichte afbeelding

Everything on towbars

You are looking for a towbar for your car but are unsure where to start your search. You’re in the right place. We are glad to talk to you about the available types of towbars, the advantages of one over the other and which will suit you best.

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